Skyrim – How To Create the Legendary Daedric Sword

Wednesday 23 November 2011

THE BUZZ: There are a few top level weapons in Skyrim that can be crafted using raw materials, including the best one handed sword, the Legendary Daedric Sword, which can be crafted using ingredients found in the world. This video shows you how. EGM’s TAKE: There is so much to do in this game, just when you think you’ve reached a quiet place you discover 50 [...]

Jonathan NobleJonathan Noble: kewl

Jarrett Alexander HamiltonJarrett Alexander Hamilton:

Will ToliverWill Toliver: aaaaah I LOVE THIS

David Bowen-WilliamsDavid Bowen-Williams: Why is this a thing?

Dave PickrellDave Pickrell: David Bowen-Williams I have no idea. I like it though XD

Jacob ArvidsonJacob Arvidson: I just died a little on the inside, that is so much awesome contained in such a small place.

Dave PickrellDave Pickrell: Jacob Arvidson I have a new ringtone.

Kyle O'DowdKyle O'Dowd:

Jeffrey LangevinJeffrey Langevin: the ebony weapons are just as strong.

Emmet PilsworthEmmet Pilsworth: they are not daedric is better in almost every class sometimes its tied

Jeffrey LangevinJeffrey Langevin: Emmet Pilsworth when i u p graded my ebony axe and my deadric axe to legenary they gave me the same stats

Michael Darcy QuateMichael Darcy Quate: it takes a month of in game time for ore vains to respawn.

Dakotah WilsonDakotah Wilson: Good to know...

Stephen Thomson KennedyStephen Thomson Kennedy: it says 15 games days on TES wikia

Michael Darcy QuateMichael Darcy Quate: i was just going by what my guide said think it said about a month just wanted to point out that it does respawn also for dadric hearts a guy at the mages college sells them if your a member go were the mages stay second floor i went today to him and he had to dadric hearts for sale but probably be best to do vidioes way to get them seems much easier

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Stephen Thomson KennedyStephen Thomson Kennedy: if u max out your enchanting perk tree and dischant an item with improve enchantment. create items with this enchantment until they cant be any higher and then use then to craft improve Blacksmith(dischant needed) and then go on to create a ring, an amulet and clothes etc n u can get the damage above 70.

Caine CarrCaine Carr: why would you go and do all of that when i was able to just get the ebony bow, enchant it get some ebony arrows for it, and get the archery to level 73 and be able to do 80 some damage...and i didnt even have to go to the work bench with the bow to make it that good..just sayin..

Stephen Thomson KennedyStephen Thomson Kennedy: Caine Carr if u do all 3 then ur archery will be max damage.(only lvld me 1hand a lil)its the same for any weapon really. its a combo of the weapon, the skills to use it and the perk enchanment. i like to have my cake n eat it. just on my first run thru of the game so still ne to tweak a few things. n the reason go to all that trouble is cuz when it comes to TES and Fallout3 and Dragon Age style games i like to be a perfectionist. they spend ages making these style of games so i am gonna put quality time n hrs in

Michael Darcy QuateMichael Darcy Quate: dont know if it has any say but wouldnt dragon weapons be strongest

Stephen Thomson KennedyStephen Thomson Kennedy: Michael Darcy Quate it doesn't give u that option in the game..... yet!

Christian LippaChristian Lippa: my glass dagger does 52 damage... you need to get items enchanted with major smithing and a blacksmiths draught(weapon improving increased by 50%).

Bailey GregoryBailey Gregory: cool story christian

Christian LippaChristian Lippa: @[1050332365:2048:Bailey Gregory] thanks!!! (:!

Killian Roy CampbellKillian Roy Campbell: its not the best, if you have the right enchanted items, you can push it to about 60 or 70 damage. or "Super legendary".

Joshua James TaylorJoshua James Taylor: My question is, How is he picking up and holding Stuff like that? I have it for 360 and can't figure it out...

Chuck GoffChuck Goff: you hold down A

Joshua James TaylorJoshua James Taylor: Chuck Goff Thanks, I figured it out, Thought I tried that but I guess not lol.

Stephen Thomson KennedyStephen Thomson Kennedy: hold the A button lol

Ted PeckTed Peck: when you have an item selected dont tap the a button to put it into inventory , hold the a button to be able to move it around like in this video

Austin KentAustin Kent: It just had to say I needed 100 smithing to do this right near the end. I already went and got the stuff and now I can't make it for a long time.

Eric H HazlettEric H Hazlett: buy alot of iron ingots and make alot of leather strips and start making iron daggers, quick and easy way to get ur smithing up fast.

Brandon JohnstonBrandon Johnston: You only need to smith Daedric, 100 for Dragon.

Luke Elliot Gudeman SuttonLuke Elliot Gudeman Sutton: Brandon Johnston Legendary quality improves if you go over 100 with enchanted gear.

Jonathan GrünJonathan Grün: i got a sword with 50 and its not legendary its epic

Trevor ReynoldsTrevor Reynolds: With smithing, enchanting and perks, I'm up to 138 damage with a Legendary Daedric War Axe. The "Legendary" tag doesn't make a cap. You can keep improving a weapon as your skill goes above 100 with the help of enchants and potions.

Kainoa CookKainoa Cook: why are you only wearing a hood whal smithing.

Kainoa CookKainoa Cook: by the way you can do even more damage. if you have daedric gauntlets and enchant them for strength and then you get the perk fists of steel you get a 103 damage and if you are kajitt you have a 118 damage rateing.